Aberrations Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – The Beholder! (Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures)

Ok, so I bought this miniature last year simply because it is super cool!… and, I’ve never actually had a Beholder miniature (yes, I do have Bebbie the Bartender Beholder, and I do have a Death Tyrant, buuuut…) However, this is a very popular miniature and there are so many cool paint jobs of it […]

Vor The Maelstrom

Vor The Maelstrom – Bluefang Growler Chieftain

Back when I moved to London (summer of 1999) I was a Warhammer 40k player, but moving to London I learned about a bunch of other super interesting scifi tabletop wargames and ended up ditching WH40K (never took to 3rd edition, I prefered the more skirmish nature of 2nd and Rouge Trader). Anyway, having been […]