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Dungeons & Dragons – Red Dragon Hatchling (Reaper Miniatures)

I got this cool for Christmas 2018… same year I got the Green Hatchling for birthday. I like the little reaper dragons. They represent their colour perfectly and are easy to paint! Dragons painted to date

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Dungeons & Dragons MEGA POST – My 2018 painted miniatures!

Getting back into Dungeons & Dragons this year has truly revived my painting hobby and looking back at 2018, I have painted more minis this year than the previous decade! Without any further ado, here are all of them in a single post! Enjoy! also check out my other two mega posts: Dungeons & Dragons MEGA […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – Young White Dragon (Silver Dragon, Wizkids Miniatures)

In our 2018 campaign, we’ve been running around in a lot of Dungeons, but not encountered any Dragons (well… apart from our Rogue running into a Dragon Whelp). The closest has been an encounter with a Wyvern that brought down an airship, marooning the party on an island. However, I am hoping to change that […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – Green Dragon Hatchling (Reaper Miniatures)

And this is my first Dragon for Dungeons & Dragons! I’m quite pleased with this one.