Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Desert Scatter: Oasis, Cacti and Nomadic Tent

Last year I spend a lot of time doing basic terrain pieces such as dungeon tiles, game boards, generic scatter and furniture.

This year I have more freedom in exploring funner things like this configurable gaming board and funky little Dungeons & Dollhouses pieces.

And because of this freedom, I’m now able to steer our campaign into a more alien environment to the party (and the players): The Everdry Desert!

And to make that upcoming experience come to life, I’ve created some terrain scatter specifically for desert adventures. Been great fun.

Cacti (or Cactuses)

These essentially are made up of screws glued to washers and then wrapped in clay. For those with “arms” I used some wire to wrap around the screws. Paint everything black, then green then dab on light green with a sponge. Done! Easy but effective.

Nomadic tent

This one took more time and a lot more planning as I wanted a draped tent feel. Especially the frame caused me a lot of thinking: Should I do a stick frame? Should I do a solid frame but with curved foam to look draped?

In the end I opted for a semi-solid frame out of foam board that gives me the strength but still lets the fabric (made of bandanas) fall down.

Fabric was glued and pinned with pins. And I am quite happy with the result.

To allow for in-tent fighting I made a big “carpet” with squares.

The Oasis Pond

While this was intended for the desert adventures ahead, I actually made this pond in a way where it is more generic so it can be used in any environment.

Yes, the floating leaves and green vines may not suit a winter landscape perfectly, but I think these types of additions bring terrain pieces to life.

And I am really happy with this one!

Piece of flat wood, glue cork bits on the edges, paint black, paint a swirly blue in the center, drybrush all the bark bits, glue some brush hairs on for vines and finally pour Woodland Scenic Realistic Water on to the blue.