March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

At the time of writing this, UK is in lockdown due to the Corana virus. This means that A) we can no longer get together for Dungeons & Dragons and B) we now have enough time to increase the frequency of D&D games! Given I’m an old-school D&D hobbyist, playing online with Roll20 etc has not appealed to me. In fact, what I like about D&D is getting around the table with friends with some truly collaborative and low-tech entertainment. Alas, now that we are isolated, I have looked at how to play remotely with Google Hangout and using Ultimate…

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

I found these funky tentacles at a Tiger store in London and thought they would be great for tentacles in D&D. I posted it on Twitter and somebody pointed me to this great video on how to make the tentacles. The one thing I would say is: Be careful with the stuff he is fulling inside the tentacles. It is sticky as hell so don’t get it on your skin or anything else.

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

I made these crates and palisades from lollipop stick and coffee stirrers. The crates to a LOT longer than the palisades. How to make these The process is very simple: Glue everything together. For the boxes, I glued sticks on a cube cut from foamboard. Soak everything in a mix of water and brown and black paint. Remove from water and let dry. Drybrush with a light brown/bone type colour. The finished result Crates and palisades combined with Dungeon Stackers  

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

These Dungeon Stackers are deceivingly simple in look and make, but holy crap they are super useful. i’ve used them in every game since I made them. The idea is from Black Magic Craft, but I actually first saw them on the Runehammer channel and both videos are well worth checking out for inspiration. Dungeon Stackers combined with crates and palisades  

February 1, 2020 scrollmaster

Returning to Dungeons & Dragons and roleplaying games in general after a 20 year break, there are lots of new things in the hobby: Critical Role, remote playing, online communities etc, but even at the table things have changed, namely people love taking photos! I find it super cool that my players like taking photos of the different terrain sets and encounters I throw at them. As such, I am more and more making set pieces rather than dungeon tiles stile elements. I think it was a Professor Dungeon Master video where he talked about theatre of the mind and…

January 24, 2020 scrollmaster

The idea for our new campaing came from the movie “Stardust”, which features a cross-ver from our realm into a feywild type world. I loved the idea and so came to be the Daisy Gate, a gate of daisies that leads from the material realm into the Feywild. I wasn’t sure how to build it until I found a Christmas wreath on sale. It was perfect for what I needed. All I had to do was a bit of cutting and glueing and sprinkling something the looked like daisies on top. Done!

January 24, 2020 scrollmaster

This built is based on Stone Bridge for D&D Tutorial (Black Magic Craft Episode 075). It’s a speed built tutorial but for me it wasn’t that speedy mainly because of the water, the flowers and the ivy vines I wanted to add. This is my first scenery piece for 2020 and I think it will set a trend for me crafting what I call centre pieces, pieces you can really only have one of on the table at a time and pieces that have a massive influence on the encounter. I’d say the only other centre piece I have is…

October 23, 2019 scrollmaster

We all have miniatures we are never going to paint. Some we got for free, some are broken and some we bought, and lived to regret it! Here’s a quick tip of what to use your dust collectors for: Statues! It takes no time and you get some instant quirky scenery pieces. Step 1: Glue sand on bases. Spray grey. Step 2: Ink with Agrax Earthshade Step 3: Drybrush with bone. Bone is your friend in making stone look real. Done! Final result Works well with Medusas, Gorgons and Basilisks 😉

September 1, 2019 scrollmaster

A few month’s back I saw a youtube video on creating the Ultimate Dungeon Terrain (UDT) – the premise being: Creating terrain for your D&D game shouldn’t be daunting and all you need are a few pieces. Obviously the video is not aimed at craft maniacs like myself but i liked the idea in terms of a smaller, portable set when I play away from home. I also saw Craft Nick’s videos on creating sci-fi terrain and although I don’t play any RPGs in sci-fi settings, I have played a lot of sci-fi tabletop in my time so I really…

August 17, 2019 scrollmaster

Been a while since I’ve created a gaming board set mainly because I have pretty much what I need. However, a recent game went completely sideways in a glorious unexpected way. To make a long story short, our lvl5 party decided to pick a fight with a young blue dragon, named Electrax Stormwing. 2 adventurers KOed, 1 failed 4 death saves and we lost our first character and last character, our dragonborn sorcerer standing yielded to the dragon. This was all totally unexpected for me, so I had to come up with a totally unforeseen encounter for the following game…

July 13, 2019 scrollmaster

I was looking for some gold pile terrain pieces when I found this amazing youtube video describing how to make treasure piles and it worked like a charm! No point in me explaining how I made these as i followed the video to the letter except I used a purple wash rather than a black wash. Really fun to make… the flat is full of glitter now, but it was worth it! Super happy with the result. Small gold piles Medium gold piles Large gold piles And finally: One huge gold pile Gold piles in details Infernax, the young red…