Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Gaming board set 7 – Bone Dry Stony Desert / Humid Marshland

Ever since I first saw Runehammer’s video “Craft Game: Hell World!“, I’ve been wanting to try out the technique he describes in this very detailed video. However, my focus last year was first and foremost to create terrain for my games as I’ve stepped into D&D after a 20 year break with no terrain at all.

But now that I have the base set of terrain, I’ve started to craft nice-to-haves such as upgrading my tiles to look better.

My interest got reviewed, when I found the original video that inspired Hankerin in the first place, this video “Make Easy ROCK FACE Terrain with Minimum Mess (DM’s Craft #143)

I wanted to create a desert terrain on one side and a humid marshland on the other. The desert became more of a bone dry, wind swept rocky desert, which I didn’t plan, but that I like better.

Below are photos of the set and further down some step-by-step photos.

I’d say, the one thing that doesn’t come through well in photos is the 3D details. It is all very tactile and seeing these for real rally brings them to life.


WIP photos



I forgot to take photos of the colour steps I went through with the desert side, but it was:

  • Deep earthy red on top and sides
  • Deep yellow on top and a tiny bit on the sides
  • Bone-ish white on top
  • Sides dabbed withe grey