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Dungeons & Dragons – Khorne Bloodthirster – Pit Fiend (Games Workshop)

My wife bought me this Khorne Bloodthirster for Christmas back in 2021 but it was only at the end of 2022 I finally started gluing it together and now I’ve finally finished it!

Which is a good thing as I am guessing our next D&D campaign will take our heroes back to Phlegethos on a revenge cruise. And this Bloodthirster will work perfect as a Pit Fiend.

Was daunting task to glue this together and paint it.

It is painted almost exclusively with drybrushing, using my wife’s old makeup brushes, and washes.

For the base I used some wall filler and dabbed it with my finger to create flames (see at the end of the post).

I really like the result.

The base