Campaign: Daisygate Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate intermission 1: The return of Grimshaw

The Nightshift learned that Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp was involved with The Twilight Wine, a cult that believes in Fey blood giving immortality. (See Chapter 13).

But after suffering a humiliating defeat against her Royal Guardians, the Nightshift was trying to get back on its feet with two of its founding members dead and had recently been introduced to two new members in a team building exercise gone wrong (see Chapter 14).

One of these new members was B.J. The Shadowborn Sorcerer. She came from the adventuring group, The A-Team that has recently disbanded with two members returning back to their home continent.

As she heard the tale of how the otherwise respectable Baroness was bathing in the blood of Fey creatures in order to stay young forever, a chill went down her spine as it somehow connected with rumours of the Fairydopterist. (See Chapter 4).

Her friend, Grimshaw the Dwarven Barbarian, was looking for this Fairydopterist person as they may have clues as to how his aunt Tholgina Grimtooth died.

B.J. then decided to bring the remaining Nightshifters to Grimshaw to tel lhim what they know of The Fairydopterist, The Twilight Wine Cult and the Baroness.

And this is where we continue the story, with a knock on Grimshaws door and a promise of answers…

A few facts

  • A-Team knowledge
    • In Tholgina’s house there’s a secret basement laboratory full of jars of fey creatures in formaldehyde.
    • A ledger of coded names with listed fey creatures written next to them, was retrieved from a Thief who stole it from the basement.
  • Nightshift knowledge
    • Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp was involved with The Twilight Wine.
    • The Twilight Wine is an ancient cult who consumed fey creatures to obtain eternal life. The cult has seemingly been dormant for 200 years.
    • The icon of Twilight Wine is a cup with a blood drop. (see right).
    • The Twilight Wine is rumoured to actively be buying fairies for sinister purposes.
    • The Baroness is protected by the powerful Royal Guardians, a branch of The Daisy Guard tasked with protecting the city’s leader not the city itself.
    • A Fairydopterist is somebody who collects fairies as other would collect butterflies.
    • One of the ingredients for preserving fey corpses was the Red Star Flower, a very rare flower in in these parts.
    • Dr Wendell Cane was a provider of Red Star Flowers. He was killed.
    • Dr Wendell Cane sold Red Star Flowers to a scholar named Tholgina Grimtooth.
    • The members of the Nightshift were all killed by Royal Guardians. Two manage to return to life, but for all intents and purposes, they are thought to be dead.