Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Dungeons & Dollhouses: Floorboards and mini displays for the Medieval Tavern

UPDATE 16 DEC 2019

I never got around to really use these. As a gaming tool they are too limiting and putting on a shelf for display is not something I do so I’ve cut them to bits and repurposed them as terrain scatter. 




So.. I actually didn’t think I would paint or build anymore this year, but I been wanting for some time to do some kind of mini display to put minis and bits of furniture on…. basically like a mini dollhouse.

I then had the idea to double these Dungeons & Dollhouses up as floorboards for my Medieval Tavern from Zealot Miniatures.

And over the last few days, I created these floor boards with detachable wall sections.

The technique for the stoneworks comes from Black Magic Craft’s video on painting stoneworks and the inspiration for the wooden floor is from Runehammer’s video on 2.6D Reversible Tiles System, which basically creates a semi hidden grid in the way the wooden boards in laid down.

For the basement floorboard, I also used Runehammer’s technique for indenting the tiles using a hard object, which makes the individual tiles look slightly uneven. It works really great and I plan to make a whole scenery board like this.

Finally I gave the whole load a wash using Black Magic Craft’s video tip for creating homemade washes.

Lots of shout outs to video insipration here, but I think this is a good example of how ideas from different creative minds can be combined to create your own unique scenery elements.

Ground floor of the tavern

Here we have Technoviking the Bartender, having a serious discussion with a half-drunk Dragonborn, while a motley crew of adventures is relaxing at the table.

First floor

The dining area on first floor is currently host to a group of High Elves… that may very soon find their dinner interrupted by a Drow Assassin.


Unsuspecting to any of the tavern patrons, undeads are starting to crawl up through the basement floor.

Top floor

Top floor has been rented out to what seemed to be a fairly peaceful travelling couple: A Human Wizard and a Mousling Wizard.

However, they have more sinister and dark motives.