Hobby Year Books Vor The Maelstrom

MEGA POST – 1999 to 2003


I decided to try and make a “Year Book” of miniatures I’ve painted over the years. The era of this first of these retro year books is defined by the game VOR The Maelstrom that I picked up shortly after I moved to London in 1999.

I had gotten in touch with a couple of other miniature gamers who played Warzone, but before we could get started on that, the game went bust and the choice was between two new games on the market: VOID or VOR the Maelstrom. We landed on VOR from Fasa… that then went belly up in 2001.

Golden Growler UK 2001 photos

Golden Growler 2001

Shard | Scrollmaster

Yuri Alibek – Ghost of The Great Bear

Typhoon with Tempest Mortar

Officer Gulyayev

Officer Kalinkov and Rad Hound

Kommander Jancovich

Chem Grunts



Rad Troopers – Assault weapons.

Typhoon with Chaingun

Team Mutant


Neo Soviet Custom Mutant Chart

Neo Soviet

Vor the Maelstrom

An honourary entrance

In 2019 painted this Growler Chieftain I actually won in a VOR competition back in the days. Feels like it belongs here.

Vor The Maelstrom – Bluefang Growler Chieftain

Games Workshop

Blood Bowl – Hashut Headhunters

Warhammer 40.000 – Dark Angels

Lord of the Rings

Warhammer 40.000 – Khorne Chaplain

Warhammer 40.000: Gorkamorka

Other random miniatures

Jonny The Pirate

Elaine Marley