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Pages from my DM notebook 2019-2021

14 Sept 2019 we held our wedding reception and a few days before, my wife bought me a notebook for D&D.

I wrote my wedding speech on the first pages and since then it has been my DM notebook as we travelled from UK through Sweden to Denmark in the middle of the pandemic.

The book has the start of our current Daisygate campaign, which may come to an end soon. And so is my DM notebook.

So I thought I’d share a few pages.

First draft of the Daisygate map. After the War of the Triplets campaign, I really wanted a campaign grounded in a single location and thus Daisygate was born.

The first game in the new campaign was A) getting the players there B) introduce the main villain (although the party didn’t know it at the time)

Some ready made insults and cat calling from two sorceress students

At the time we ended up starting a second group of heroes (The Nightshift) in Daisygate to show the game to a couple of new comes. Over time the two groups merged, but this was the intro adventure for The Nightshift with a new mini villain: A Mind Flayer.

Don’t remember the following game… But notes look nice so I am adding them anyway.

Burning of the Half Fey... again a game to foreshadow the big baddie and her Fey Blood Bath habits.

To return an absent character (A Warlock) we had a game with the party rescuing Alyanys from Avernus.

Now moving back to the main storyline.

This was a bit of an experiment of running a D&D game (a small side quest) with only a single player. I am not sure that is my cup of tea as a DM, but was fun to try

By chance, we talked to two friends who wanted to give D&D a go (and old long time AD&D player and a published writer). This took place in another town called Two Bridges.

Christmas 2020 oneshot planning based on the old book “Reverse Dungeon” – Honestly I don’t think this turned out to be a particularly good game for anybody.

Back to the main Daisygate campaign where the party finally made it into the Feywild through a portal rather than the actual Daisy Gate

In the Fey there was war between the Winter Queen and the Mountain King. Chasing the Winter Queen, they figure the enemy of my enemy… so they went to see the Mountain King, who turned out to be the Dream Dragon our Paladin was oath-sworn to kill.

Hacing concluded the storyline in the Feywild, the party headed back to Daisygate through the Daisy Gate this time… but something was wrong and they found themselves 366 years in the future in a world where the Fey and the townsfolk had been locked in a bitter war for centuries.

A war so brutal it had banished the gods themselves. Leaving the party without their god / Patron given powers.

The hunt for the escaped devil from Avernus was the first game to reclaim power. In this case for the Warlock (with her connection to Avernus) and the Barbarian

Next up was reclaiming the power of our Cleric and Paladin by freeing the ruined temple of Erathis.

So… we have reached the last notes of my DM book. This was for our last game which was heavy on roleplay and information discovery, leading up to the conclusion of this story line.

But there is more to come. Just because the book has come to its end, doesn’t mean our campaign has.

And my wife has already bought me my next DM notebook.