May 11, 2020 scrollmaster

I saw this miniature at Dragon Meet 2019 and I really liked it but I didn’t buy it as I didn’t have a use for it. Now that our Dungeons & Dragons games are closer aligned with the Feywild, a Centaur might come in handy so I bought it. Fantastic miniature. I decided to paint it in white and brown patches all the way up his human torso. i really like it, but wouldn’t mind a more traditional colourscheme…. so I’ve ordered a new one to paint.  

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

When it comes to D&D, it is funny how people focus on Chromatic Dragons, undead leader like Liches and Vampires, and Beholders as representation of real evil. For some reason people skip the fey. How bad can a fairy really be after all? But Hags are Fey… and to me Hags are the ultimate evil in that they literally hate everything good and sweet just because it is good and sweet. similarly I find Redcaps really menacing manifestation of true evil. I’ve been looking for a suitable mini for Redcaps for some time. The Mad Caps from Privateer Press are good cousins…

December 4, 2018 scrollmaster

When I was planning my D&D Christmas oneshot for 2018, I was roaming the internet to find Christmas themed miniatures and found this crazy Ogre Santa from Scibor Miniatures. It arrived two days before the game, but with Dragonmeet 2018 in between, I had little time to paint it, so I ended up speed painting him as fast as I could. Sure I could have chosen a wider range of colours, made more details etc, but overall I’m happy with the result.  

December 2, 2018 scrollmaster

Sometimes I throw away the packaging of miniatures a bit too fast… leaving me later to wonder who the hell the manufacturer is! That is the case of the two larger fairies below. I bought them at Salute 2018 – fortunately, a tweet from Salute 2019 pointed me to the manufacturer being Firestorm Games for their game “Moonstone’. Thew smaller fairy is a Fairy Huntress from ever-awesome Darksword Miniatures.

December 2, 2018 scrollmaster

So… the story for my Christmas 2018 D&D oneshot has been building up in my mind since I bought these absolutely fantastic Gnomes from Northumbrian Tin Soldier at Salute in April! To give a bit of background, in Denmark, where I grew up, Santa lives on Greenland, not the North Pole. And he doesn’t have little pesky elves running around helping him. No, he has “Julernisser”, which can loosely be translated to Christmas Gnomes. These Gnome minis are just perfect to the point where I’ve even named the oneshot “Gnome More Mr Nice Guy” after them!  

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster 1Comment

I don;’t know… maybe hags are slowly turning into my favourite Dungeons & Dragons monsters. I find them full of character and possibilities and love the minis. They also fit the evolving Feywild storyline in my current Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Just look at this Reaper Witch Coven and the lonely hag from Heresy Miniatures.  

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I won’t lie: I’ve been wanting to paint these crazy little dudes since I saw them the first time. But since I no longer play Warmachine, I didn’t have a reason to buy them. However, having picked up Dungeons & Dragons, they seemed like a perfect type of crazy fit into the Feywild which is becoming more and more prominent in our currrent campaign.

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

While randomly browsing to find miniatures suitable for the Feywild, I found this elegant “undead” named Bianca at Greebo Games who I think is perfect as a Dryad Queen in my Dungeons & dragons campaign as there seems to be a Feywild current evolving. I painted her rather quickly: Brown, inked with Earthshade, drybrushed and added some gold highlights to give her some sparkle.