Population: ~10,000 and growing due to a flourishing ships building industry.

The Town of Daisygate is named after the ever-blooming gate of daisies to the East of the town. The gate is itself is one of the few known stable passways to the Feywild.

The westside of Daisygate borders to Purple Harbour, a naturally calm bay created by a meteor strike in ancient times. Rumour has it that the bottom of the bay glows purple at night time.

In and around Daisygate

  • Feyview – Home of the rich and powerful.
  • The Commons – Where the majority of the population lives.
  • Artisan Quarters – Craftsmen area.
  • The Gutters – Rough area near the harbour.
  • Tinker Town – A growing living area of cheap labour.
  • Newgate – Growing suburb.
  • Fields of Flourish – Farming land.
  • The Seawatch – Fortified watchtower.
  • Sunset Bay – A local fishing community.
  • The Daisy Gate – Gateway to the Feywild.
  • Duskhenge – Ancient druidic stone circle.
  • Twilight Forest – Locals fear it saying it is haunted.
  • The Demon’s Tooth – Dangerous seas.


  • Feyview Castle. Home of Baron Volkbert and Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp.
  • The prestigious Institute of Fairy Studies.
  • Elven and Dragonborn embassies.
  • Home of the powerful families of Daisygate.

The Commons

  • Wonderhill School – School for children. Has special classes for magically gifted children.
  • The Grumpy Golem – Lively inn owned by the halfling Yarric Silverfoot
  • The Scramble – Market place.
  • Devil is in the Details – Lawe firm owned by the tifling Shavius Karai and his wife Shavari.
  • Grimshaw’s house

Artisan Quarters

  • The majority of craftsmen and artisans have their shops and foundries here.
  • The Dwarven embassy is found here.

The Gutters 

This is where all sorts of disreputable entertainment is found with sailors providing a steady stream of customers.

  • The Hags Head, the most dangerous pub in town is found here.

Tinker Town

Home to cheap labour working in the growing ships building industry. Growing area of make-shift huts as more and more workers arrive.

Mainly goblins, but orcs, ogres, gnolls, dwarves, gnomes, even a giant or two can also be found here.

The Temple of Nilbog is here. Attempts to clamp down on the growing goblin religion has failed.


South of the city walls, Newgate has emerged as a suburb of Daisygate. 

Fields of Flourish 

Farming land. Supplies the majority of farming products to Daisygate.

The Seawatch

Fortified watchtower. First line of defence against attacks from the sea.

Sunset Bay

A local fishing community. Suspected of smuggling of illegal goods.

The Daisy Gate

Gateway to the Feywild. Guarded by The Clover Guard.


Ancient stone circle raised by a long gone and forgotten druidic order.

Treasure hunters will once in a while show up to find rumoured treasure.

Twilight Forest

Locals fear it saying it is haunted.

The Demon’s Tooth

  • Dangerous seas.
  • Rich in valuable Silk Oysters. A delicacy as well as source of of the finest and strongest silk.