Dark Age


Cyclone back

Dragyri Decision

I have been wanting to paint a Dragyri force for some time. However as you might have learned from reading other pages on this site, I hate wasting time!

I am a do-not-paint-what-you-cannot-see kinda of gamer, so I have held back on the Dragyri untill I figured out which Dragyri caste to choose.

In the end it came down to Ice Caste or Air Caste. Ice Caste because of “Lucky” and Air Caste because of all the cool Dragyri female miniatures.

The choice

In the end I chose Air Caste simply because I have a bunch of female Dragyri already, but after I painted the first Cyclone I realised that in reality I didn’t have to choose. Let me explain…

The colour you would associate with an Ice Caste is white (snow) and for an Air Caste light blue (sky).

If you had to choose a secondary colour for the Ice Caste white you would choose a light blue (ice), and if you had choose a secondary colour for the Air Caste light blue you would choose white (cloud). See where I am going with this?

Correct! The Dragyri colourschem I had chosen have equal amounts of white and light blue, making it work for both Air Caste and Ice Caste. I would ofcourse like to claim this was on purpose and part of my master plan, but it wasn’t. It was a pure accident, but a very fortunatle one since I can now play both Air Caste or Ice Caste when I see fit.

Dragyri Colourscheme

As explained above the two main colours are white and lightblue, lightblue for any clothings and white for armour.

To contrast this I chose a dark brown colour for the Dragyri skin with a hint of red in it. This would a) contrast the bright clothes colours and b) work really well I I decide to paint tatoos or warpaint on a Dragyri mini.

Leggings, gloves and other bits are are all kept in a light leather brown colour to avoid it competing with the main colours.

Finally weapons and crystals are painted purple with a blue reflection of the horizon skyline.