As described on the Cynwall page, the main point of my Elven army was a quick-paint-to-play army to have something to play with while painting the Orcs of the Behemoth army containing miniatures that take considerably longer to paint.

Nevertheless I am not entirely happy with how these Echahïm turned out and I think it is because I feel they lack definition between the light blue armour and the white cloth.

I also think their face look more like drag queens than elegant elven females, but as this is a paint-to-play army, I am not going to repaint them.. I think.

Cynwäll Echahïm

Cynwäll Echahïm

Cynwäll Echahïm

In any case, they do work when next to the rest of the army.

Cynwäll army

And they do work when facing the enemy.

Cynwäll fighting the forces of the Behemoth