Campaign: A Hell of a Payback Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – A Hell of a Payback – Chapter 2: A Meet’n’Greet with Belial

Having found shelter at the Brothers Deville, the heroes were retiring for the night.

Kaari feeling uneasy about being back in hell, decided to sneak out of her room and keep watch for the night hidden behind som debris.

Thorga had a brief chat with one of the brothers Deville to see if they could upgrade their already masterful work, the 666 Shooter. He left the handcanon with them before going to bed.

However, just after he fell asleep, he heard a knock on his door and found Pestilence outside asking to sleep in his room. This struck Thorga as a bit odd and he politely sent the Tabaxi back to his own room.

However, Pestilence was not ready to give up on his plan. He cast “Dream” on Thorga giving the dwarf visions of Belial asking him to come to his office with haste.

Morning after

At the breakfast the morning after, Kaari heard how both Thorga and Pestilence had received strange summonings from Belial in their sleep. Having stayed awake all night, Kaari felt tired but relieved of not having had dreams of the Arch Duke of Phlegethos.

But the party quickly decided to visit Belial.

At first check point, Pestilence decided to break cover and showed the letter she had received from Belial summoning her.

This was a surprise to both Kaari and Thorga as they had, through magic, thought the letter was a sales leaflet.

Kaari’s suspicions that the leaflet indeed was something else, was confirmed and she tired and grumpily said “I could have slept last night!”.

Meeting Belial

Belial wasted no time and informed the heroes that they would have to pause their quest for revenge in favour of finding out who was behind Hammelthal’s actions.

Belial had evidence there was a hidden powerful entity behind the demon tracker the party was chasing, but frustratingly, he had been unable to uncover this powerful being eventhough it was residing in Abriymoch.

He asked the party to find out more and in return he would gladly both help them catch (and if asked, punish) Hammelthal and recover Seipora’s soul.

The only lead he could give them was to stay discrete and contact “The Infomerchant”, a person rumoured to be able to source information of all kinds.

My Box! Thief!

The party leaving with more questions than answers, were deep in conversation in the busy streets of Strict Side, when Thorga felt a brushing against his side. Quickly he checked, his Box of Need was gone!

Kaari noticed people ahead of them being pushed aside and gave chase while Pestilence quickly took to high ground for a better vantage point.

The party chased the incredibly fast little thief, a girl, down a narrow alleyway and Thorga summoned his new Pseudodragon who almost managed to grab the little girl, but too late, she jumped through a crack in a palisade wall.

The party followed after, with Pestilence following over the rooftops.


As Kaari and Throga ran in, they realised, too late, it was a blind alley and behind them heavy boxes were toppled over to block the exit.

They were surrounded by bandits! furthermore, the little girl just laugh and transformed into an imp and to make matters worse, the bandits were holding a scared woman as hostage.

“Give us your stuff or we will cut this woman!” the bandits exclaimed.

But the experienced adventurers jumped straigth into action with Kaari blinding the two bandits holding the woman and fight broke out.

But things were not quite as they seemed. The woman cast a charm demanding Kaari to save her. The charmed Ranger stepped into action immediately.

Pestilence, having death with the bandits with ranged weapons alongside Thorga,  saw the battle escalating, jump down from the roof landing in the middle of the battle casting “Arms of Hadar” killing most of the bandits and damaging the Sucubus, Thorga, Kaari and almost killing Penny, the owlbear pet.

Thorga jumped down and landed some heavy blows on the Sucubus, who, realising she was losing, disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Is it over yet?

Now the heroes turned their attention to the last surviving bandit.

But before they could question him, a Celestial Warrior appeared out of nowhere, hushing the party he quickly stabbed where there was nothing… except there was. The Sucubus rematerialised with the Celestical’s spear lodged in her abdomen and died.

The mystrious being turned to the heroes and whispered: “trust your friends to show you the way” and disappeared.

Now it’s over!

The heroes turned their attention again to the lone bandit and it quickly became clear he was not the brightest nor the most experienced scoundrel. In fact, he had only just joined the gang in promise of easy gold.

He told the party he had been approached in a dodgy tavern called the “Hellhound and Hare“.

Setting up the game

Lots of terrain bits as it is hard to predict what players might do in a city based campaign.