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Dungeons & Dragons – B’Hakoth The Destroyer (Heresy Miniatures)

To prepare for the infernal direction our Dungeons & Dragons campaign is taking, I have been painting a few infernal miniatures for the first time.

While the Tieflings have been fun to paint, and the Succubus introduced some leathery wings and an even more infernal feel, I still felt I needed some badass major devil in for team inferno.

I looked at quite a few minis for this and even considered using Thagrosh the Messiah from Hordes, but in the end, I wanted something much more classic. An absolute no-doubt-this-is-a-devil miniature.

And I found this fantastic B’hakoth the Destroyer mini from Heresy Miniatures.

Love the dynamic pose! Wings are great! horns, expression even a spiked tail is just all as devilish as they come. I also like that while he is a bit bigger than the average humanoid, he is not a giant Size isn’t what makes him lethal. 

I’ve tried to paint him with a glow from beneath as his base is a hot lava style pit. This was one fun miniature to paint.

Hanging out in Avernus, the first layer of Baator