Campaign: Dawnstar Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Dawnstar – A Dragonlance Oneshot

DM notes, all previous campaigns since I started DMing again in 2017 have been my own settings but with a “backbone” in Forgotten Realms. This was my first attempt to actively break into another D&D setting: Dragonlance.

Belspira, the Tiefling Wizard and owner of “Revered Relics“, Horkum, the Dwarven Monk and Chef at “Munch & Mug Tavern” and Ratin, the Goblin Ranger and Sewerjack had been friends for as long as they could remember and this night they planned to meet up at the Munch & Mug after work.

Horkum, already at the establishment, neatly folded his apron as he checked out of the kitchen for the day to grab an ale while waiting for his friends, who soon arrived.

Ratin could report of unusual scorch marks and poop in the sewers while Belspira could report she had been hired by Lutsen, a man servant of Lady Alliyana of the Dawn Defenders to bid on a fossilised dragon egg at tomorrow’s auction. with nothing better planned, Ratin and Horkun decided to join her.

The Auction

The following day, Belspira won the fossilised dragon egg at the auction after an unusually tough bidding war taking her above the allocated 2000 gold, but adding 60 of her own gold secured the egg in front of the polite but obviously frustrated opponent.

On the way back to Revered Relics, the party was ambushed by some muggers clearly intending to take the egg. They had blocked the road by having their dog attacking a big horse cart.

The gangsters were no match for our heroes and one was left alive but unconscious.

Back at Revered Relics

Back at Revered Relics, the heroes questioned Fred, the captured mugger, but was interrupted by Lutsen showing up for the egg, but confused about the whole situation he ran back to get Lady Alliyana herself.

Shortly after a woman claiming to be Lady Alliyana appeared and after a brief discussion, the egg was handed over to its new owner.

However, as the party returned to question Fred, another woman claiming to be Lady Alliyana showed up with Lutsen… the heroes realised they had handed over the egg to an imposter.

Their only lead was Fred’s account of having been hired for the mugging in a dodgy gamling den called “The Outer Corner”.

The Outer Corner

At the Outer Corner, Belspira went to talk to the bartender and learned the muggers were hired by Von Weit, a local Alchemist with an obsession for dragons (that had not been seen since the Cataclysm 350 years earlier when the Gods threw down a fiery mountain on the Priest King and turned the city Istar into the Red Sea).

Meanwhile, by chance, Horkum and Ratin ended up playing dice with the Elsel Rose, the very actress who had pretended to be Lady Alliyana (DM note, I rolled so badly on her perception she didn’t recognise them and I also rolled so she happened to be there at the same time as our heroes).

Elsel, not aware she had participated in foul play, was happy to give all the info the players needed.

Night time at the Alchemist

As the evening grew late, the heroes broke into the Achemist’s store.

Here they found evidence of scorch marks, but no fossilised egg to be seen.

They did find a hatch leading down the sewers and soon they were in a part of the sewer system belonging to an ancient building structure Ratin didn’t recognise.

The long lost catacomb

Entering the ancient underground building, the party realised they were in an old catacomb.

While investigating a stair case leading up, they were attacked by Kobold guards.

They nearly dispatched of the Kobolds but one got away calling for aid bringing a buff draconic monster, a creature the party had never seen or heard about before.

They tried to close the door, but too late. The big Draconian broke in a knocked Horkum unconscious, but the rest of the party had held their action and now the full force of the ranged combatants took down the monster that exploded in full force, but with no damage as the party was too far away.

Lord and Lady Everdale

In the process the party had discovered Lord Everdale‘s hidden tomb and with the black metal rose from Lady Everdale‘s grave, they awakened the dangerous Wight.

The Wight immediately attacked the party as intruders, but Ratin quickly convinced the undead that the heroes were not the defilers of the resting place.

At this point in time, the unholy ritual further down the coridor came to a conclusion and the Cultists lead by Von Weit appeared with their unholdy creation: A Purple Wyrmling, newborn from the magically enhanced fossilised egg.

Lord Everdale the Wight fought the Purple Dragon while the heroes cut down the Cultists of the Nuitari Conclave.


It turned out that not only had dragons returned to Dawnstar (and the rest of Krynn), the Nuitari Conclave had used blood of a Red Dragon on the fossilised egg of a Blue Dragon creating a wholly new Dragon race: The Purple Dragon.

To what end the heroes or the authorities didn’t know.

At the same time, reports were coming in from around Krynn about attacks led by Draconians similar to the one the heroes had found in the Catacombs.