Kingdom Death: Monster

Kingdom Death: Monster – The Gambler’s Chest – Crimson Crocodile

Back in 2017, I backed the second Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter on the recommendation of my brother and oh boy, I am glad I did. It is one of the boardgames my wife and I have played the most.

But after moving to Denmark in 2020, we haven’t really touched the game much. So it was with huge excitement we finally received the final part of the Kickstarter: the expansion “The Gambler’s Chest”.

Eager to get started, I quickly assembled and speed painted the first monster we would face: The Crimson Crocodile.

Aside from the eyes and teeth, the whole mini is using Army Painter’s Speedpaints and the result is better than I expected. So good, that I am planning on using it on any other Kingdom Death mini that I don’t really feel inspired to spend time on, such as the Phoenix that has been left unpainted for years.

Our survivors fighting the Crimson Croc as start of the Dreamer’s campaign. We did not survive the first encounter, but managed to kill the Croc in the second try, losing only one survivor in the process.