Kingdom Death: Monster

Kingdom Death: Monster – Vignette of Death: White Gigalion

It’s been almost exactly a year and a half since I last painted a Kingdom Death: Monster miniature with all the moving between countries and ofcourse my painting time being used up by painting the miniatures I need to run Dungeons & Dragons.

But I finally got around to paint the Vignette of Death: White Gigalion set.

The Gigalion itself was super fun to paint and I decided to paint it’s mane gold to make it look more fantastical and borderline fairytale-ish.

I also painted it’s hands human as per the White Lion lore, which I have noticed most people don’t do. I wonder if it is because they missed that detail in the storytelling of the game.

Really happy with the result.

The 4 survivors, I found difficult to paint as I couldn’t find the logic in some of the details. Overall I am happy with them, maybe with the exception of “Hungry Basalt”, the guy with the big axe… he turned out a bit too colourful.

The Gigalion

The Survivors of Deadrock

Rock Knight


Hungry Basalt