LEGO – 6928: Uranium Search Vehicle (1984)

When I started digging through my old LEGO, I had hoped to be able to build the two sets I remember the most: The 924 Space Cruiser and 6970 Beta-1 Command Base.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear I was missing too many pieces and I gave up on the space LEGO in the first instance and moved on to the Castle sets where I had more success.

But when we looked through a video of all LEGO space sets, my wife pointed out to the chubby funny wheels on the 6928 Uranium Search Vehicle and I realised then that I might have the parts to build this instead of the Space Cruiser and I was right!

Some bits are missing so I’ve had to improvise here and there most notably I’ve had to use one black radar disc (I only have 3 of the 4 needed), I’ve had to use a lot of white smooth 2x1s instead of the required blue ones and I’ve had to use a black base on the wagon as I only had one blue left.