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LEGO – 918: Space Transport (1978)

The two sets I remember the most from when I was a kid was 6970: Beta I Command Base and  487: Space Cruiser.

And I also remember really wanting the 497: Galaxy Explorer, but it was too expensive so I got the 487, which I really liked too.

But what I don’t remember is that there was a little brother to the 497 and the 487: The 918: Space Transport and I only really first learned of it a few weeks ago when I started sorting my old LEGO bricks and found this youtube video comparing the three.

Soon after I found a set online, which was reasonably priced and even came with the original box!

By chance, I found a second one very cheap, which I bought to use for spare parts for my re-build of my original 487. But when I received it, it was in even better condition than the one in the box!

This will be the centre piece of the LEGO space landscape I am planning, with other astronauts helping it get ready for flight.

Here’s a quick setup of all the bits. Some, including the bases, need a good wash.