LEGO Paradisa

Lego Paradisa MOCs found on the internet

My own Paradisa Modular MOC

Landscape of sets and mocs

MOC: Paradisa Cafe

Love the covered rooftop terrace

Slice of Heaven – A tribute to Paradisa.

Nice modernisation

The seaside Lemonade Café

Resort Bed & Breakfast

6414 Beach Grill I

6414 Beach Grill II

City Of Paradisa Volunteer Rescue brigade

Tropical Paradise MOC

Paradisa RV MOC

Paradisa Tours

MOC Modern Villa

MOC: The Coral Hotel

The Paradisa Viper

Not sure it fits as a Paradisa set but hey…

Paradiso 6416 mini build

Christmas in Paradisa!

Found in the Lego Classic Town Facebook group

Creator: Lóránd Czank