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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King – The Pet Wonders

The pet wonders were super fun to paint. I love how fast it is to paint these Chibi models compared to high detailed minis normally found for wargames. Don’t get me wrong: I love painting high-detailed minis too, but these minis are a nice break.


Madam Hilde, Miss G. Snorts and The Colonel

I actually painted Madam Hilde’s skin twice as my partner didn’t feel she was pink enough in the first instance… and she was right. I also realised after I painted her, that she’s a she so I added some eyeliner to make her a tad more feminine.

Added a scar to the Colonel… just to make sure people don’t think he is wearing that eye patch just for fun!

Mr. Chompers, Lord Gruff and Admiral Fuzzybottom

I decided to paint Mr Chompers eyes like that of a chameleon as the green colour I gave him was leaning in that direction anyway.

Added little hair lines to Lord Gruff’s body as I wanted him to look a bit uncombed.

No price for guessing the inspiration for the colour scheme for Admiral Fuzzybottom!

The total headcount of painted Forgotten King minis. 8 done… 50 to go!

The complete Forgotten King set (all 58)