June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I really like the Goblins from Knightmare Games. From the Boss and the Elite and the Shaman to these lowly Goblin Archers, they all have amazing character and fits right into how I see Goblins as a people, not just monsters. I’ve made use of them in our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign along side these Goblin Archers from Reaper to create a real threat in numbers.

October 20, 2017 scrollmaster

I had been painting the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King boxset and had almost finished when I saw a box of Arcadia Quest in my local game store, Dark Sphere. It resembled Super Dungeon Explore so I had a look, but didn’t buy it outright because after all I had just gotten the Super Dungeon Explore game. However, a quick surf on the interwebs I found that Arcadia Quest ranks 76 on BoardGameGeek.com with Super Dungeon Explore only ranking 1,352. And to make matters worse Tom Vessel, who’s reviews I really like, ranked Arcadia Quest in his Top 10 best games……