Vor The Maelstrom



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Vanguards with Wolverine

The Vanguards have the same basic clothing colours as the Rad Troopers but with better painted armour plates to show that although they still have crap equipment it is by far better than the Rad Troopers equipment.

Some of the Vanguards have hand a “hand-job” to give them rad grenades and one have had his head replaced with a spacemarine head so he is without helmet. The helmet is used for the Wolverine conversion.

Vanguard with Wolverine

When VOR first came out there wasn’t a Vanguard with Wolverine released. In fact it wasn’t released untill the game was dead!

So I had to make one from scratch and it turned out to be quite easy. Take an old Warzone miniature, cut of it’s head and replace with a Vanguard head. Voila! A Woverine armed Vanguard sees the day.