Oldhammer Projects Space Wolves (2nd Edition) Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40.000, 2nd: Space Wolves – Ragnar Blackmane

This mini was a treat to paint.

I mostly paint what I need to play D&D with and sometimes it means speed painting for the next session.

But my Oldhammer projects don’t have a specific deadline so I paint these just for the fun of it. And I was fascinated by the Space Wolves when they came out, but I was already playing Orks.

I’m really happy with how my Ragnar Blackmane turned out.

As you maybe have noticed, his hands and weapons are painted red differently from my other Space Wolves. That’s because he represents the wild Blood Claws of which I am currently painting a unit of, all with red “claws” like their leader.

I really like how the gold turned out. It is basically silver, with purple ink followed by a yellow contrast paint highlighted with silver.

Ragnar and Njal

I painted Njal Stormcaller at the same time as Ragnar.

Ragnar and Njal with the Winter Wolves