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Warhammer 40.000 – Rogue Trader – Squat Warlord and Hearthguard in Exo Armour (Games Workshop)

When I turned 50, my wife gave me a bunch of Squats for my birthday!

What a gift! I’ve always wanted to field an army of these little chaps, but back in the days somebody else already had an army of them and to be honest, the Orks drew my attention more.

But these Squats, the egg-shaped Exo Armour types, really brought the nostalgia.

In the lot my wife bought me, there was a single Squat with no weapons, so I decided to chop his head off and stick it on one of the Exo Armours to make my warlord: Thane Abraxos Thunderfist.

Thane Abraxos Thunderfist

“Mr Potato Head” variant

Horned variant

“Female(?)” variant

For some reason, this one looks female to me. Maybe because of how the breast plate and the decoration looks like actual breasts.