August 31, 2019 scrollmaster

Ok, so I bought this miniature last year simply because it is super cool!… and, I’ve never actually had a Beholder miniature (yes, I do have Bebbie the Bartender Beholder, and I do have a Death Tyrant, buuuut…) However, this is a very popular miniature and there are so many cool paint jobs of it out there, which makes it a somewhat daunting task to paint… so I left it in the drawer. But when I was looking for this Bluefang Chieftain I stumbled across the Beholder mini and had an idea: What would a blind Beholder be like?  I…

March 20, 2019 scrollmaster

i cannot believe I haven’t made a page for this Death Tyrant from Jax Miniatures !! i actually painted it in the beginning of last year (2018) when I first started playing Dungeons & Dragons again after a 20 year break. It was even the inspiration for Bebbie the Beholder Bartender. Anyway, better late than never.

June 14, 2018 scrollmaster

I think Privateer Press makes some fantastic miniatures, and some of them, like this Swamp Horror, is great inspiration for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. My players haven’t faced this one yet in our current campaign… but they will! Base is using “Scenic Water” from Woodland Scenics and “Valhallan Blizzard” from Games Workshop.

April 14, 2018 scrollmaster

What started out as a unintended joke, has taken shape and is fast becoming a new entry to my “War of the Triplets” Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I give thee: Bebbie the Beholder Barkeeper, owner of Bebbie’s Bar and boss of the bouncer, Techno Viking! I already have a purpose in my mind and hope to be able to introduce Bebbie to my players in tomorrow’s game! Bebbie is customer made from a Mike Wazowski toy with eye stalks from the D&D beholder miniature. Bebbie in his bar Bebbie on an adventure The original Bebbie Actually, the idea for came…