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Dungeons & Dragons – The Beholder! (Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures)

Ok, so I bought this miniature last year simply because it is super cool!… and, I’ve never actually had a Beholder miniature (yes, I do have Bebbie the Bartender Beholder, and I do have a Death Tyrant, buuuut…)

However, this is a very popular miniature and there are so many cool paint jobs of it out there, which makes it a somewhat daunting task to paint… so I left it in the drawer.

But when I was looking for this Bluefang Chieftain I stumbled across the Beholder mini and had an idea:

What would a blind Beholder be like? 

I mean Beholders are asshole enough as is… imagine one that is blind. How pissed off would it not be?


Beholder hanging out with his buddy the Bluefang Growler Chieftain from an entirely different game! THAT’s how reality-bending crazy Beholders can be!