Dungeons and Dragons Monstrosities

Dungeons & Dragons – Diving Griffon (Wizkids)

I am super excited about having finished this Griffon!

Yes, throwing a CR2 monster against a 6 person strong lvl 8 party is not going to be an encounter worth remembering, but there are a number of reason why I have enjoyed painting this awesome miniature nevertheless.

  1. It is a Christmas present from my wife and I love the minis she buys me as they are more often than not, minis I wouldn’t pick up myself.
  2. I really like this dynamic pose. Really cool.
  3. I have not painted any miniatures since we left the UK back in July to move to Denmark (except for a speed painted Dream Dragon using only a few of Citadel’s Contrast Paints!) So this is in effect not only the first finished miniature of 2021, it is also the first proper miniature I’ve had a chance to paint since summer.

Restocking paints

I gave all my paints away to one of my D&D players when I left the UK, so first step was to stock up on paint. I am a big fan of P3 Paints from Privateer Press that unfortunately isn’t sold in Denmark, except from one web store that doesn’t list what they have in stock, which makes it hard to order from them.

So in the end I ordered them from Germany, which was easy and they arrived fast. Great!

What I did was simply buy a bunch of P3s that were in stock in the hope they would give me good coverage and actually, only 4 paints were duplicates. Missing was ywllow and purple, but other than that great coverage. time to start painting!


The Griffon

Really simple, but love the result.

  • Yellow Contrast paint on the back part on top of the grey primer.
  • White undercoat and Yellow Contrast paint on beaks and claws (I might clean this up once I get a yellow paint)
  • Brown wings, with Agrax Earthshade and drybrush of a lighter brown. Really dig this result.
  • White wing tips, with White contrast paint and drybrushed heavyly with White.