Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves

Dungeons & Dragons – Dwarf Blacksmith (Stonehaven Miniatures)

Sometimes a seemingly unimportant NPC takes on a life of their own.

In our previous campaign our heroes ended up defending a castle and as part of setting up the castle dwellers, I create a Halfling Blacksmith named Ms Gentlefeet, nicknamed Ms Not-So-Gentlefeet due to her very unlady like manners. A nickname she is secretly proud of.

Somehow. Ms Gentlefeet feel in love with our Dwarven Paladin (I have no idea why I decided to to that other than I thought it would be fun) And fast forward to our current campaign, Ms Gentlefeet is now an active part of the party as they venture to hell.

But finding a Female Halfling Blacksmith turned out to be difficult so I bought this Dwarven Blacksmith and Gnome Mechanic. As it turned out, this Dwarven Blacksmith figure is significantly smaller than the Dwarven Paladin figure, which makes her perfect as a Halfling.

I am very happy with how her face turned out, a big thanks to Stonehaven’s well shaped and detailed face sculpting.