Dragonkin Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Female Shadow Dragonkin Sorcerer (Dark Sword Miniatures)

The D&D party we set out over 18 months have stayed very much the same.

The characters have gathered a small band of supporting animals, but overall stayed the same.

However, recent events have changed that. First our Drow Rogue was killed and now our Dragonborn Sorcerer is evolving after having picked up a lost artefact from her village, a talon from a Shadow dragon that has now merge with her hand replacing her two middle fingers.

What this means long term, we have yet to find out, but to reflect the change in her bloodline from Blue to Shadowfell, I ordered the same miniature from Darksword Miniatures and painted it as a “Shadownborn”.

This was a fun activity and I am very happy with the result.