Dungeons and Dragons Humans

Dungeons & Dragons – Katarina, Dark Soul and Frost Queen editions (Hasslefree Miniatures)

I don’t think there are many miniature producers that can compete with Hasslefree Miniatures when it comes to female human miniatures and these two versions of their Katarina figure stays true to the quality.

But while they are technically the same figure with the same pose, I wanted to paint them quite differently so I can still field both.

And i am really happy with the results of both of them.

Katarina, Frost Queen

Katarina, Dark Soul



♫ ♬ Oh, it is ladies night and the feeling’s right ♫ ♬

I’m really looking forward to this as I like campaigns that are grounded in a single location. And the city setting also give me the opportunity to paint regular, civilised city dwellers, which I find as fun as painting monsters.