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Dungeons & Dragons – Pile of Bodies and Bones

It is amazing what you can get our of some skeleton bits, hot glue, a bit of boredom and some imagination.

Really pleased with this pile of bodies and bones.

Here’s the final result. Further down are photos of how I did it.

How to make your own pile

Step 1: Cut some skeleton bits out. Take a piece of cardboard and start gluing them on with a glue gun. Don’t be stingy with the glue as it will work as blood and guts as well.

Step 2: Prime red. Yes you could probably prime it black, but given the glue doubles as blood and guts, priming it red gives you a head start.

Step 3: Paint the skeletal bit with bone, the cloth with brown and the metal bits with a dark iron or brass. I didn’t bother painting the metal bits black first. Also the markings on the shields were made with some contrast paints.

Step 4: Give it a good wash with Agrax Earthshade or similar. Wait for it to dry. This will take longer than usual as it dries slower on glue from glue gun.

Dry version

Step 5: Drybrush bones with a lighter bone coloour (I used Menoth White) and paint edges on metal bits with a lighter metal colour.

Step 6 (final step): Finally give the whole thing a good amount of ” GW technical painted called “Blood for the blood god” to make it look wet and gooy.

You can also add some finer details if you want. I just painted a bird yellow that is picking the brains of one of the skulls to make it stand out.