Dungeons and Dragons Monstrosities

Dungeons & Dragons – Umber Hulks (DnD Figurer)

These Umber Hulks are the first two 3D printed miniatures I have ever painted. I bought them at, a shop that prints and cleans 3D miniatures.

They are good quality and the actual pose and design is pretty awesome.

I have never painted Umber Hulks before, so I took my time using techniques inspired by Dr Faust’s tutorial on painting Umber Hulks.

It is not that visible on the photos, but the two have different tones, one is more brown/ blue and one is more green-ish. They were also painted a bit differently.

Both were primed brown and drybrushed to highlights.

One I drybrushed almost to white, then ran blue contrast paint in the crevassses

The other I only drybrushed to mid tone, then inked with green and blue inks and finally drybrushed up to a very bright green.

Really happy with both, now I just need to find a reason to drag our party to the Underdark.

I have not moved into my new flat yet, so I am still using my phone to take photos. However, with these Umber Hulks I really faced a challenge catching the colours, so I took photos both indoors and outdoors.