LEGO LEGO Fabuland

LEGO – Fabuland Ville of multiple sets (1979 – 1986)

I’ve been going through all my old LEGO that has been mixed with those of my brother and sister a long long time ago.

When I started going through the bricks, the first focus was the castle theme my brother used to play with. Here I was able to cobble together 4 sets: 677: Knight’s Procession6010 Supply Wagon, 6074 Black Falcon’s Fortress and  6067 Guarded Inn.

Then I started the space classic theme that I used to play with… that has turned into a whole nother continous hobby project.

And finally, with the help of my wife (who’s actually the big LEGO enthusiast of the family), we have pulled together what sets we could pull together from the colourful Fabuland series.

We did all of this in one evening so I am adding it all to the same post in the order we built them… will probably take them apart and wash them individually in the future.


Our finished Fabuland Ville


3634 Charlie Crow’s Carry-All (1980)

Missing a shovel and a broom.

3711 Pierre Pig with Tuba (1984)

3797 Fire Chief Barty Bulldog (1987)

3654 Country Cottage (1982)

Missing flowers and a cup.

Party at the Country Cottage with all the single figs!

3635 Bonnie Bunny’s Camper (1981)


350-3 Town Hall with Leonard Lion and Friends (1979)

Missing the stairs brick and a police car door.

3786 Buzzy Bulldog the Postman (1982)

Missing his hat, backpack and letter.

324-1 Ricky Racoon on His Scooter (1979)

121 Roadster (recoloured) (Original was 1979)

Rebuilt it with different colours as I didn’t have the right chassis.

3796 Small Bakery (1986)

Missing till and things to sell.

3625 Airplane (1985)

Missing wheels and tail and red window. I used the one we had for Fire Chief Barty Bulldog.