Realm of Chaos

Running a campaign using the original Real of Chaos books

Lost to Darkness

Two Rulebooks, both alike in dignity in the Realm of Chaos…

Before I begin I would like to point out that this is no ordinary campaign, this is a campaign for the advanced (and slightly mad) gamer.

Slaves to DarknessThe Lost and the Damned

Last year (2004) I ran a nostalgic Warhammer 40.000 Rouge Trader campaign called The Facility on ADX blue which was good fun and it reminded me of the old Warhammer Realm of Chaos Books.

Since then I have been playing around with running a campaign based on the Chaos Warband rules in those books and recently I decided ask the guys at the club whehter anybody would be interested and there were, more than I expected actually. But I wanted the campaingn to be for the hard-core gamer so I added a few rules whihc makes this campaign as much about converting and painting as playing the actual game.


  • All the rules for Chaos Warbands from the two Realm of Chaos books apply.
  • The new champions are aloved two rolls on the retinue table instead of the default 1.
  • If you roll a miniature which is not realsitic to get hold of, roll again.
  • Miniatures must be converted and painted with all current Chaos Gifts and wepaons on them. Miniatures which do not comply cannot be used in games.
  • Chaos Spawns are not bound by the above rules since it could turn out to be imposible, however the more chaos gifts are present on the mini the better.
  • New additions/ chaos gifts/ wepons etc and loses/ damage etc are not recorded untill after the evenings games are finished, hence more games with the same state of your warband can be played. This is to alow for the above rules about minis being fully painted/ converted.
  • Rules update 14/09/05: Only first game of each night counts towards the campaign, ie in chaos attribute rolls, new followers etc.


Starting Gold

  • lvl 5 = D6+1
  • lvl 10 = D6+2
  • lvl 15 = D6+3
  • lvl 20 = D6+4
  • lvl 25 = D6+5


  • Sword or handweapon: 1p
  • Shield: 1p
  • Light armour: 2p
  • Heavy armour: 3p
  • Horse: 3p
  • Warhorse: 6p
  • Giant Wolf (if goblin): 8p
  • Extra hand weapon: 1p
  • Doublehanded weapon: 2p
  • Flail: 2p
  • Halberd: 2p
  • Lance: 2p
  • Spear: 1p
  • Bow: 2p
  • Short bow: 1p
  • Long bow: 3p
  • Crossbow: 3p
  • Javelin: 1p
  • Throwing dart or knife: 1p
  • Repeating crossbow (if Dark elf): 4p
  • 1 randomly generated magic item (if wizard): 6p