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Dungeons & Dragons – Gazebo Mimic (Knights of the Dinner Table)

My players don’t like mimics. I do! And honestly, how can you not love this crazy-ass Gazebo Mimic. Amazing! One thing that bugged me about this miniature was there was no thought given to how the panel with the Mimic face could be removed and reattached. It feels like the sculpture assumes that the owner […]

Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King – Chests, Boos and Rabid Squirrel Creeps

I think the Chests and the Boos are actually my favourite minis of the whole Forgotten King set! It was great fun to paint them too and very happy with the results. The squirrels… well they are paint for play. Nuff said! Chests and Boos Rabid Squirrel Creeps The complete Forgotten King set (all 58)