October 15, 2017 scrollmaster

This is my first non-Forgotten King and likely to be my last Super Dungeon Explore mini for a while as I A) want to play game itself and find out if my friends are interested, and B) I recently bought Arcadia Quest so want to paint that set next. Nyan Nyan is the first ever miniature where I’ve tired to add some blush to the cheeks so all you lady painters out there: Feel free to laugh at my attempt to do makeup!    

October 12, 2017 scrollmaster

Soooo close! I promised myself I wouldn’t paint (or buy) any additions to Super Dungeon Explore before I had completed the Forgotten King box. I was one mini short (Boris) when I found Shadow Mode Candy in Leisure Games. Boris is half finished so all things equal, Shadow Mode Candy can take his place for the time being. She’s been super fun to paint. Gradient hair was difficult. Gave me grey hair, but I’m happy with the result. The sword was another challenge as the last 25% of the sword had not been cast, so I had to create the…