May 7, 2018 scrollmaster

Found this super awesome Minotaur at Mierce Miniatures stand at this year’s Salute. He didn’t really fit into my ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but he was too cool to pass by. As it happened, I had to pause the overall campaign for a bit, which meant I was able to do a spin-off chapter using this dude as the bad guy.

October 28, 2017 scrollmaster

The Minotaur from Arcadia Quest is a fairly simple model, hence I chose to keep to a simple colour scheme, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great fun to paint. Really enjoyed painting this mini especially trying to paint marbles for the first time. Also used the scratches technique I first tried on the Grobbit Executioner and  The Forgotten King for Super Dungeon Explore: Happy with the overall result.