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Dungeons & Dragons – Ancient Green Dragon Angrislaug, Draiggoch of Eryri (Mierce Miniatures)

I’ve been wanting to paint this fantastic dragon from Mierce Miniatures, but first of all, I really don’t need more dragons especially not an Ancient Dragon, which I think this fits… and second of all it is a bit pricey, but I found it on half price during Black Friday sale, so I couldn’t resist. […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – Wyvern aka Typhaggahw, Gwyfern of Ceredigion (Mierce Miniatures)

So this is one of those where I’d love to say I spent hours… nay… DAYS on the paint job… but I did not. Bottomline is I speed painted my way right through this and am very happy with the result! Prime Green Ink with Coelia Greenshade from Games Workshop Drybrush with a light green […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – Minotaur (Mierce Miniatures)

Found this super awesome Minotaur at Mierce Miniatures stand at this year’s Salute. He didn’t really fit into my ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but he was too cool to pass by. As it happened, I had to pause the overall campaign for a bit, which meant I was able to do a spin-off chapter […]