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Dungeons & Dragons – Ancient Green Dragon Angrislaug, Draiggoch of Eryri (Mierce Miniatures)

I’ve been wanting to paint this fantastic dragon from Mierce Miniatures, but first of all, I really don’t need more dragons especially not an Ancient Dragon, which I think this fits… and second of all it is a bit pricey, but I found it on half price during Black Friday sale, so I couldn’t resist.

I decided to make is a green dragon as I already have an Adult Blue Dragon and an Adult/Young Red Dragon. I think it’s name with be Blightrix Venom Maw or Toxicantrax The Elder Blight.

To make it look ancient and tough as a nail, I decided not to paint it completely green. Instead I painted the scales green (with GW contrast paint, first time), the skin a leathery brown and the bone plates I painted brown and drybrushed it with gold.

Adding metals to chromatic dragons is a trick I stumbled upon when I painted my Young Emerald Dragon and I’ve previously added gold to nature coloured creatures and liked the result.

To finish him off, I painted his mouth, tongue and teeth in a sickly, acidic green.

Really happy with the result!

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