May 14, 2017 scrollmaster

Not much to say about Percival other than she did not take a long time to paint so I feel I’ve kinda cheated as I am happy with the end result. I do like non-metallic metal painting style, but there is something to be said for the spread of which you can make armour look great using metallic paints. Can’t wait to get the game. Not really sure how Percival actually work with the game itself. The whole gang together

March 15, 2017 scrollmaster

While I wasn’t too satisfied with the Manhunter result, I am actually very pleased with this Order Knight Pinup. I can feel I am starting to get the hang of uzing glazes for shades and highlights. Far from perfect, but I am starting to understand the logic. The one thing, which was new and that I really struggled with, was creating sheer stockings. Making that translucent feel was very difficult and the end result maybe makes the stockings look too see-through, but overall I’m pleased with the result. I really like the cape and it is the first time I’ve…