Kingdom Death: Monster

Kingdom Death: Monster – Order Knight Pinup

While I wasn’t too satisfied with the Manhunter result, I am actually very pleased with this Order Knight Pinup.

I can feel I am starting to get the hang of uzing glazes for shades and highlights. Far from perfect, but I am starting to understand the logic.

The one thing, which was new and that I really struggled with, was creating sheer stockings. Making that translucent feel was very difficult and the end result maybe makes the stockings look too see-through, but overall I’m pleased with the result.

I really like the cape and it is the first time I’ve used Privateer Press’s P3 paint and it is just awesome!

WIP pics

Interestingly, I actually started painting Percival, but then suddenly moved over to the Order Knight… still need to finish Percival.

Some difficulties getting the skin tone smooth. I think the paints I have are just out of date, they are all very grainy.

First attempt of a dark grey glaze to make sheer stockings was a disaster.


And that takes me up to three complete Kingdom Death: Monster miniatures!