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Warhammer 40.000 (2nd edition) – May 2023 painting challenge (starter box Ork and/or Space Marine)

Chris Snyder posted a painting challenge on the Crown Command Facebook group:

“MAY MULTI—PAINTER MONO-MODEL -Looks like for starters, the 2nd edition 40k starter is the place to start. That’s the plastic Ork and/or basic Space Marine.”

Here are the fantastic entries in no particular order.

Cameron Fletcher

Love the banner.

Montague Withnail

Nice dark tones.

Shannon Martin

We all know it: Red unz go fasta!

Chris Snyder

Another red chap. Like the shoulder pads!

James St Cyr

I think James was the only one painting a Space Marine. 

and ofcourse James win as he opted for painting the Ork Bad Moon, which is my favourite clan.

Jon Bury

Nice dark colours almost grimdark.

My own

As described in this article, I opted to paint a unit.