Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves

Dungeons & Dragons – Dwarf with lantern (Reaper Miniatures I think)

I don’t remember when I bought this miniature (or if I did or my wife did), but it was before we moved to Denmark in 2020.

Nor do I remember the maker or when I started painting it!

I do remember having a moment where I grabbed a bunch of minis of all races and started painting the brown skinned, but never got a chance to finish them

Since then I have actually painted a few brown skinned minis like Miko from Kingdom Death, Katarina, Dark Soul edition and an Assassin.

So when I decided to paint this Troll that I also had half-painted on the shelf, I decided also to finish this fantastic dwarf.

I normally paint what I need to play so it is always fun to paint something just for painting it.