LEGO LEGO Classic Town

Winter MOC V2 using 376: Town House with Garden (1978), 6362: Post Office (1982) and 675: Snack Bar (1979)

As mentioned in my previous winter moc post, I want a Lego winter village, but I don’t want to pay for it. So I am building one using existing retro sets I have from my childhood.

However, I did find a cheap set 21058: Great Pyramid of Giza, which I bought to get all the white slopes and those I have turned into a snowy mountainside for Santa’s house.

Inside the mountain side, I have added Santa’s workshop.

This is looking good to me. There are still some things to do:

  • I need to do interior for Santa’s workshop.
  • I need to do interior for the Lego store. All floors.
  • And I think I am going to change the roof on the Post Office to a blue slope roof.