Zombicide! Speed painted and ready to play

I always wanted to play Zombicide, but painting the 50+ zombies was a daunting task, espercially after spending weeks painting Super Dungeon Explore – Forgotten King boxset.

However, by chance I found a great youtube video on how to speed paint zombies and it actually introduced me to a whole new way of painting using glazes and washes which is faster than the technique I nomally use… unfortunately I can’t seem to find the video!

It took me maybe a total of 40-50 hours to paint the whole lot… maybe even less.

Step 1: Prime everything with bone (I use Army Painter) and ink the whole lot with a dark ink (I use Agrax Warthshade from Games Workshop)

Step 2: Glaze every base colour so the bone base shines through as highlight 



Step 3: Drybrush everything with a bone colour

I use the same technique on the mutant zombie and the heroes but spent a bit more time on making the look a bit better.