May 21, 2020 scrollmaster

in our campaign Daisygate, we have the local cityguard called “The Daisy Guard”, who the party has run into several times. They are trained, but polite city guards maintaining the order of the town. They serve the town. However, I also needed a unit of Royal Guardians who are tasked with protecting the royals. These guards are trained elite soldiers, so I wanted them to look very different. the Flameguards from Privateer Press look quite menacing with their tight helmets and big shields so they were perfect. i painted them in the same colours but with a different symbol on…

May 16, 2020 scrollmaster

ok… I didn’t play this entirely fair. I painted the woman in the bathtub without the blood and posted her on Twitter knowing some of my players would spot her. The truth is, she is the villain of the story who bathes in the blood of fairies, rather than an innocent bystander. Fun way to use an otherwise relatively harmless miniature for something interesting.    

April 5, 2020 scrollmaster

I think the George R.R. Martin line from Darksword Miniatures has some fantastic miniatures for cityfolk of all ranks including this mini of Tywin Lannister. In our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign “Daisygate” he plays the part of a retired general who now acts as advisor and bodyguard to the ruler of the town.

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

I’ve been planning on taking a Short Rest from DMing after running regular games since beginning of 2018 and some of my players have stepped up to DM. Unfortunately we have been hit by the Corona virus lockdown so we’ve had to migrate online for playing and I don’t want put this on my players so for the time being I will be DMing, which is fine. However, I did make a lvl 1 character, a bard called Jean-Jack La Cour and this is the mini picked. I was struggling with a colour scheme and my wife suggested bassing it…

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

This is the second Daisy Guard team following the crossbow armed unit. When I saw these I thought they were perfect, but frankly if I had known how long they would take to arrive, I would have found an alternative. Having said that, the minis definitely didn’t disappoint. They are very cool, very diverse and full of character. The full Daisy Guard complement

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

Our previous campaign was an epic fantasy campaign taking our heroes across distant lands to save the world. Our current campaign takes place in a single town: Daisygate! Because of the more low-fantasy and urban nature of the new campaign, I’ve had the opportunity to move away from painting monsters and instead painting humans like civilians, guard and this lot here: Local thugs and bandits. I really like these minis from Otherworld Miniatures so much character and personality.  

March 25, 2020 scrollmaster

For our Daisygate campaign, we are continuing to use “The A-Team”, the characters from the previous campaign, but since the campaign is folliowing a “West Marches” style format, we have also introduce “The Nightshift”, which is a new group of adventurers offering us more flexibility in terms of inviting guests and frequency of games for those players with more time. One Nightshift character is a Paladin hunting a Dream Dragon from the amazing Monsters of Feyland book and the player chose this fantastic mini from Darksword Miniatures rather than the classic, full plate armoured paladin brute.

January 23, 2020 scrollmaster

These are the town guards known as “The Daisy Guard” in our Daisygate campaign. Ia actually bought these a decade ago to use in a Realm of Chaos campaign I ran (yes, using the very old books). At the time I tried out a new method by painting their armour red and drybrush with bronze for my warband. As part of the Daisygate campaign, I decided to repaint them to fit a more civilized colour scheme and from them I designed a crest for the game as well.    The Daisy Guard with Captain of the Guard