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Dungeons & Dragons – Stormcast Eternals Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker (Games Workshop)

I bought this on a whim back in London back in 2019. Fast forward to now in Copenhagen, I finally got a chance to paint her.

I am not a fan of the Stormcast paint jobs. They look shiny and plastic and like toys. Doesn’t fit D&D where I think she would be good as a Palandin or Knight of some sort.

So I painted her much more dirtied (and “grimdark” if you like).

In the first instance I left her cape alone as I was happy with the paintjob, but later I went back and made it more dirty to match the look. And I am quite happy with the result.

No dirt on cape (and base not finished)

Finished with nice grimy mud on cape.